Post 7

Just some background information on my paper so far: My question is, why does America have the 7th highest cancer rate in the world? So far I have written my introduction and started talking about my first source. Reading my paper out loud, I realized that when I write I tend to leave out spoken English and only focus on written English. It is easy for me to separate the two when writing, because it is easy for me to change my mindset once I get into writing mode.

  • One thing I thought was brilliant when reading my paper was the amount of information I already knew about cancer. I’m extremely interested in the oncology field, and learning about it over the years with my experiences and some of the classes I have taken, I soaked up a lot of knowledge and really put it to use in my introduction. I really liked how passionate I sounded about finding my answer to my question. This type of topic always sparks my curiosity.
  • Something that sounded strange to me was the way the information I presented from my first source sounded when reading it. It sounded “all over the place”, as if there wasn’t much structure to it. I kind of just laid it all out. I wasn’t really tripped up while reading my paper at any point, it just got a little confusing during the first source summary.
  • When I read my draft out loud, I feel a little disappointed. I think that I need to spend a little more time on figuring out how to coherently summarize my sources. This research paper is a little different than the ones I’ve previously written, so figuring out how to navigate it has been a challenge. I know I can do better, and I will work towards doing better.
  • All I really want to change so far is the structure of the first source paragraph and how I presented the information and summarized it. It’s kind of weak, but that’s only because I’m not quite sure how to write it correctly.
  • Something the article mentioned in the process that I realized I am guilty of a lot was saying the same words or phrases over and over, making it sound redundant and repetitive. I will be working and practicing to solve this problem of mine with this paper.

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